Night of the Lion

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I have a working computer again!!  I’ve been limping along for a couple months with my old, slow machine that randomly shut off for no reason.  Needless to say, it just didn’t inspire me to spend time writing blog posts.  So, without further ado, here’s a post I started in July.  This one is just too funny to spend anymore time in my drafts.


When Andy commits himself to something, he gives it 110%!  It’s a trait I hope serves him well in the future, but right now it’s just plain hilarious.

One night as we were leaving the Multiple’s Club meeting, the kids spot their Boppies in the back of the van and insist on using then for the drive home.  As we pull out of the parking lot, Andy puts his Boppy around his head and, in his best gruff voice, announces, “I a lion!”

Cassie quickly followed suit, “I a lion too!”

As we head for the highway, we start talking about what lions eat and where lions sleep.  Then Andy, in his lion voice, tells me “I a lion. I go to zoo”.

Me: “Yep, lions belong at the zoo.  We can go this weekend.”
Andy (in lion voice): “No, I a lion.  I go to zoo now!”
Cassie: “I a lion too.”
Me: “Ok, I’ll call the zoo keepers, but you may have to stay with us for a few days.”
Andy (in lion voice): “No, I a lion. I go to zoo.”
Cassie: “I a lion too.”

At this point Ben starts freaking out, “No, don’t go to zoo. You’ll be locked up.”

Things go on an on like this for several miles and Ben is getting more and more concerned.

Ben: “No, locked in the zoo!!”
Me: “But Ben, if Andy and Cassie are lions in the zoo, then you will get all of their Christmas presents.”
Cassie: “Mommy, I not a lion anymore”
Andy (in lion voice): “I a lion.  I go to zoo”

Wow, this kid may really be a lion!

Andy (in lion voice): “I a lion.  I go to zoo”
Me: “Ok, I’ll call the zoo keepers when we get home.”
Andy (in lion voice): “I a lion.  I go to zoo now!”
Me: “Ok, ok.  I’ll call the zoo keepers.  {Pick up phone}

‘Hello zoo keepers, I found one of your lions and I need you to come pick him up…  Yes, the one named Andy… Yes, he really wants to go back to the zoo.  Could you pick him up right away… Thank you, we’ll see you as soon as you can get here.’

Andy Lion, they can’t get her until morning, so you’ll need to stay at our house tonight”
Andy (in lion voice): “Ok, but I a lion. I sleep outside.”

We get home and start changing into jammies.

Andy (in lion voice): “I a lion. I sleep outside.”
Me: “Even lions need jammies. It’s cold outside tonight”
Andy (in lion voice): “Ok, but I a lion. I sleep outside.”

On and on we go. There’s no snapping him out of it! He doesn’t even want bedtime milk – only antelope juice will do.

Me: “Alright, every one to bed.”
Andy (in lion voice): “I a lion. I sleep outside.”
Me: “Ok, you can sleep outside”

We go to the back door and he steps out and curls up on the top step.

Andy Lion 600x600 Night of the Lion

Me: “Alright Lion Andy. Go find a nice patch of grass”
Andy (in lion voice): “I a lion. I sleep outside.”
Me: “Are you sure you don’t want to sleep in a bed?”
Andy (in lion voice): “I a lion. I sleep outside.”
Me: “The grass is a little wet. A bed may be more comfortable”
Andy (in lion voice): “I a lion. I sleep outside.”
Me: “Alright, good night!”

I shut the door and Ben and Cassie walk up to the glass door: “No, I miss him. Come inside Andy. I miss you!”

Watching Andy Lion Night of the Lion

Alyssa hears what’s going on, and after she stops laughing, steps in to convince him to sleep inside.

Alyssa: “You could be an inside lion”
Andy (in lion voice): “I a lion. I sleep outside.”

After some coercing, he agrees to come inside, but he’s going to sleep in a chair, not a bed. Whatever it take, kid!

He walks over to Grumple’s chair and climbs in.

Me: “No Andy Lion, you need to sleep in the chair in your room”
Andy (in lion voice): “I a lion. This chair is perfect for me.”
Me: “No, I think you need to go upstairs so you don’t scare Grandma and Grumple when they wake up.”
Andy (in lion voice): “Ok, but I a lion. I sleep in chair.”

Andy Lion in Bed Night of the Lion

The whole shows was impressive. I’ve never seen a kid so commited to being a lion! Even the next morning, he came downstairs with the Boppy Mane:
Andy (in lion voice): “I a lion.”

Summer Bucket List 2014

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It’s that time of year again – Summer Bucket List 2014!  You thought I forgot, didn’t you?  Truth be told, I almost did.  It wasn’t until the other night when Andy discovered lighting bugs in our back yard that I remembered.  (Catching lighting bugs was one of the things we missed last year.)

The Summer Bucket List Challenge couldn’t come at a better time.  I’ve let the daily grind get the better of me and we need a big bolus of fun – STAT.  The best part about this year’s list – the kids actually helped me make it.  I still had to throw out some ideas, but they really surprised me their suggestions.  (Ben: “Ummm, how about swimming?”)

So, what’s on our list??

Summer Bucket List 2014 600x405 Summer Bucket List 2014

Some of these are repeats because they were so much fun the first time.  Some have appeared on the list several times and still remain undone (e.g. Go to the Omaha Zoo).  And some are going to be more of a challenge than others.  (Build a snowman? Really Laura, that’s what you had to offer?)  But on thing’s for sure, between now and the end of September, we should have a LOT of fun!

What on your Summer Bucket List?

Then and Now – Life After Nanny

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Oh yea, I’m still here.  Hanging on by a thread – but here.

People use to ask me how I managed to blog while raising triplets and working full time and my answer was “I don’t know, I just do.”

Well, I figure out how – I had a nanny!

Then and Now 400x400 Then and Now   Life After Nanny

When the opportunity to get the kids into preschool presented itself in December, I knew it was something I had to do.  I knew our life would change – I just didn’t realize how much.

~ Then ~

I would get up an hour and a half before I had to be at work, get dressed, kiss the kids’ good-bye and set out on my 40 min commute and make it to work on time or early.

~ Now ~

I *should* get up at least 3 hours before I need to be at work, but struggle to get up 2 hours before I need to be at work.  I get myself dressed, go into the kids’ bedroom to wake everyone up and then herd them downstairs.  I turn on a cartoon (currently working our way through Dragon Tales), fill sippies with milk, take everyone potty and get everyone dressed.

Once dressed, I herd everyone to the car, after checking the calendar to see who gets to sit in the coveted middle seat.  I try to keep my cool while convincing everyone to climb in a seat, turn around, sit down and help me buckle the top bucket.  {“No it’s X’s day for the middle, you had it yesterday and Y gets it tomorrow”}

Off to school!

Once we get there, I have to convince everyone to get out of the car and go into the building.  They love school; they just don’t want to do the work to walk into the building.

Now back to the car and start my commute that will now take closer to an hour because of traffic, all the while praying my first morning meeting is canceled.  There’s no way I’m not going to make it on time!

Nanny Tonya 08 2011 600x450 Then and Now   Life After Nanny

~ Then ~

Leave work 8.5 hours after arrival (I only take a 30 min lunch) and head home to enjoy an evening playing with my babies.  I would come home to a house with mostly clean laundry, clean sippies and clean babies.  The worse part of my evening is my inability of find matching PJ tops and bottoms.  The hours between the kids going to bed and my going to bed were mine to do with as I please.

~ Now ~

Leave work promptly at 4:30 – otherwise there’s no way to get to school on time.  We head home to dirty sippies, dirty laundry, and dirty kids – all of which need to be cleaned.  Anything I don’t get done between work and bedtime will be waiting for me on the weekends.  I do what I can before putting the kids to bed and then I collapse in my chair – too tired to move.

Nanny Hannah 03 2013 400x400 Then and Now   Life After Nanny

~ Then ~

The kids and I got out of the house to do something every weekend – not negotiable!  No activity was off limits as long as it got us out of the house for a couple hours.

~ Now ~

Do we really have to leave the house???  There’s laundry to the done, rooms to clean and a million other little things that no longer take care of themselves.  We’re lucky to go do something once a month.  I feel lousy – I want to be Fun Mom again.

Nanny Christa 447x600 Then and Now   Life After Nanny

Life the first three years wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine, but it was a hell of a lot easier than it is right now.  Oh, and all those people who told me the Three’s are worst than the Two’s, why did you have to be SO right?

Tonya, Hannah and Christa – thank you so much for making the first three years so much easier.  You are missed!


How Go, Go Diego Ruined Our Zoo Trip

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The trio currently has an obsession with Go, Go, Diego. We’ve seen every episode on Amazon Prime more times than I can count.  They can name EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL Diego has EVER rescued.  They know what they look like, what they sound like, what they eat, and what they’re afraid of (aka, what eats them).

It’s a little scary!

Since the kids were off school for Good Friday, I thought it would be fun to take them to the zoo.  Given their new found love of animals and my love of zoos in general, what better time to go?

Go Go Diego Ruined Our Trip to the Zoo1 600x450 How Go, Go Diego Ruined Our Zoo Trip

Per usual, as we were walking up to the gate, I asked what animals they would like to see.  This gives me an idea as to which direction we need to head.  Kangaroos, Tigers and Camels to the left, Africa to the right.

The trip went something like this:

Me: “So, what animals do you want to see today?”
Trio: “Tapirs!”
Me: “Um, ok.  Not sure we have any of those.  How about Tamarins?”
Trio: “Yeah!  Cotton-top Tamarins!!!”
Me: “How about Golden Lion Tamarins?  They don’t have Cotton-top Tamarins.”
Trio: “Nooooo, Cotton Top Tamarins!!!!”
Me: “Anything else you’d like to see?”
Trio: “Baby Jaguar!”
Me: “Um, ok. How about Mommy Jaguar? I think Baby Jaguar is on a mission with Diego” {We don’t actually have a Jaguar – but a Leopard is close enough – right?}
Me: “Anything else?”
Ben: “Hippo! He’s my buddy!”
Me: “Alrighty. Let’s Go!”

The (not Cotton-top) Tamarins are in the Tropics exhibit and on our way to the other requested animals, so we stop there first.

Golden Lion Tamarins 600x400 How Go, Go Diego Ruined Our Zoo Trip

Me: “See kids – Tamarins!”
Trio: “Those not Cotton-top Tamarins” {totally unimpressed!}
Me: “I know, they’re Golden Lion Tamarins.  Just like the Cotton-top, only orange.  How neat!”
Trio “Nooo…where Cotton-top Tamarins?” 
Me: {Damn Diego and his Cotton-Top Tamarins} “They don’t have Cotton-top Tamarins, but let’s see what else they have!”

Thankfully, the Gibbons were next.  I don’t know if Diego has every worked with Gibbons (you’d have to ask the trio), but one came right up to the window and made friends with Ben.

My Buddy the Gibbon 600x600 How Go, Go Diego Ruined Our Zoo Trip

Ben: “Look, he my buddy!”

After peeling Ben away from his new “buddy” the trio quickly went through the rest of the exhibit begging to see the Tapirs.  {BTW, Kansas City doesn’t have any Tapirs!}

Me: “Ok, on to the Hippos.”

The Hippos are at the very back of the African area and there are a lot of other animals between here and there.

Elephants –

Trio: “Those are big Mommy!”
Andy: “1-2-3-4-5.  Five elephants, Mommy!”
Me: “Wow, that’s a lot of elephants!”
Trio: “Where’s Baby Jaguar?”
Me: “I don’t know. Let’s keep looking!”

Lions –

Trio: “Where’s Baby Jaguar?”
Me: “I don’t know. Let’s keep looking.”

 Leopard –

Trio: “Look Mommy Jaguar! Where’s Baby Jaguar?”
Me: “He’s on a mission with Diego.”
Trio: “What mission?”
Me: “I’m not sure. What do you think?”
Trio: “Let’s find Diego!”
Me: “Ok, let’s keep looking.”

Lets Keep Looking 400x600 How Go, Go Diego Ruined Our Zoo Trip

Rhino and Giraffe –

Trio: “Where Diego?”
Me: {Grrrr} “I don’t know. Let’s keep looking.”

Crocodile –

Trio: “Look, crocodiles.  Like at Crocodile Lake!”
They were actually impressed with the Crocodiles.  We stayed for quite a while!
Trio: “Where Diego?”
Me: {deep sigh} “I don’t know. Let’s keep looking.”

Hippos –

Ben: “Look, my buddy!”
Trio: “Where Diego?”
Me: {are you freaking kidding me?} “I don’t know.  Let’s keep looking.”

Hippo 600x450 How Go, Go Diego Ruined Our Zoo Trip

We blew through the wild dogs, baboons and a few other animals and headed straight for the tram, then back to the front, quick stop at the Polar Bear and headed home – defeated!

So here’s what I learned:

  1. Diego needs to work with a few of the more common exotic animals – like the ones at our zoo.
  2. The Kansas City Zoo needs to expand their Central and South American animal selection.
  3. We need a trip to the Omaha Zoo – STAT!  They have Tapirs, Jaguars and Cotton-top Tamarins!

No One Can Pick On My Brother But Me

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Spring is starting to roll into our area, so the kids and I have been taking advantage of beautiful weather days by visiting the playground.

Swinging 600x277 No One Can Pick On My Brother But MeThese first visits of the season are some of my favorite.  Not only does it feel great to get out of the house after the long winter – I LOVE seeing how much they’ve grown over the winter.  Thing they struggled with last year are now easily done.

This year they are also interacting with each other in a whole new ways.  For example:

I looked across the playground and noticed a little girl, about the same age as my three, giving Ben a very stern lecture.  I’m not sure what he did to offend her, but given the look on her face, it must have been pretty bad.  Poor Ben was corwarding away from her, with his tail stuck between his legs, obviously remorseful.

Before I could intervene, Cassie ran up to the little girl with a face just as stern as hers and started telling her, “No, No.  Mean.  My boy!”  While the little girl limped off, licking her wounds, Cassie turned to Ben and gave him a big hug, patting him on the back “It’s OK Ben.  I here”

Playground Fun 600x546 No One Can Pick On My Brother But Me

I was so proud of my little girl, sticking up for her brother like that.  Maybe this whole sibling rivalry thing won’t be so bad.  But then, wait, not 15  minutes before Cassie pushed Ben to the ground for taking “her” toy.

At least I have one positive sibling memory to hold on too.

Post 600: A Little Catch-Up

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This is officially my 600th post!  When my 300th post started nearing, I kept careful count and planned what I would say.  I can’t say it was anything spectacular, but it was planned

That was over two years ago.

This time, like so many things in my life right now, post 600 sneaked up on me.  I was about to hit publish on another post when I happened to notice my published count was at 599.  Hmm, guess I should do something special for this post.  (Why 600 and not 500? I have a thing for divisible by three – always have.)

Post 600 A Little Catch UP 600x600 Post 600: A Little Catch Up

When I sat down to compose this “special” post, I couldn’t think of anything momentous to say.  Honestly, if you had asked me the end of last year, I probably would have told you I wouldn’t make it this far.  I had a rough winter and didn’t post much.  I very nearly quit – it wasn’t fun anymore.

And then something happened while writing the last few posts.  I remembered how fun it was when I was just sharing the everyday happens and my crazy thoughts.  I remembered how fun it was to blog for myself and not because I had too.  Maybe it’s the longer days and warmer weather – whatever it is, it feels good.

So what am I going to do with the rest of this post?  How about re-capping some of the things I didn’t get around to posting these last few months (in no particular order).

Snow Days

The kids have been so intrigued with the snow this year.  They are finally old enough to really go out and enjoy it.  When Cassie saw the first big snow of the season, she announced, “Mommy, I go out and catch snow on my tongue.”

Snow Day 2014 545x600 Post 600: A Little Catch Up


Unfortunately, most of the snow was accompanied with bitter cold days, meaning we couldn’t go out and play.  So one Saturday morning, Alyssa and I decided to take the kids to see Frozen.  Our local theater is only $5 for the first show of the day and kids 3 and under are free if they can sit on a lap.  We rounded up a third lap (Alyssa’s friend Melanie) and headed to the theater.

I was a little worried they wouldn’t be able to sit through the whole thing, but decided for $15, it was worth the risk.  I’m happen to say, we made it through the whole thing!  They LOVED it – they were glued to the screen!

Frozen 600x546 Post 600: A Little Catch Up


The kids started preschool in December and introduced their immune systems to a whole new set of germs.  We have had perpetual runny noses for the last four months.  Poor Ben has taken the brunt of it – and I’m pretty sure it’s because he decided to lick a chair in the Doctor’s waiting room.  A week before their birthday, he ended up in the ER with pneumonia.  Poor kid slept for DAYS!

Sick Ben 600x346 Post 600: A Little Catch Up

Suitcase Rides

When we met Aunt Julie and her (now) in-laws at their hotel when they flew in for the kids’ birthday/her Bridal Shower, Cassie and Ben “helped” her get her suitcase into the hotel.  It’s hard to find good help these days.

Suitcase Rides 600x275 Post 600: A Little Catch Up

Sleeping Anywhere

My back hurts just looking at some of the places these kids can fall asleep these days.

We Can Sleep Anywhere 545x600 Post 600: A Little Catch Up

Whew, I’m tired.  There are a few more things I could share, but I can’t put my hands on the pictures at the moment.  I hope you feel nice and caught up!

 How did you spend your winter?

Uncomfortable Conversations

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Any time the kids and I go out in public, I’m at risk for some very uncomfortable conversations.  I understand people’s fascination with multiples, but some people seem to lose their filter when they corner a Mother of Multiples.

Uncomfortable Conversations Uncomfortable Conversations

Let me walk through a real-life conversation I had on the playground yesterday:

Man: “Are they close in age?”
Me: “Yes, they’re triplets”
Man: “Seriously?  They don’t look alike”
Me: “They’re fraternal triplets, not identical”

Do you look exactly like your brother or sister?  I don’t.  Fraternal multiple are just siblings that happened to be born together.

Man: “That’s cool.  I bet it’s a lot of work”
What I Thought: Nah, I grew an extra set of hands.  I just haven’t yet cut out the arm holes in this shirt.
What I Said: “Yes, but it’s worth it”

The idea of caring for multiples is overwhelming and this is just their way of telling me I’m Super Women.  I can live with that.

Man: “We have three kids, but we spread them out – I imagine it’s not much different”
What I Thought: Did you seriously just say that?
What I Said: “I’m sure there are pros and cons to both situations”

Yes, the more kids you have the harder it gets and there really are a few advantages to having multiples – but there’s no way having three singletons can compare to having triplets.  Just like I would never assume I know what it’s like to have quads just because I occasionally watch my friend’s daughter.

Man: “So were they – um – natural, or did you use something?”
What I Thought: No, they aren’t, but aren’t they amazingly life-like.  Let me introduce you to my husband Gepetto.
What I Said: “I did IVF”

I have yet to figure out why people ask this question.  Does doing IVF make having multiples easier?  I wonder if it’s to imply that I somehow asked for it and therefore deserve the extra work.

Thank goodness my phone rang and ended the interrogation.  As painful as this conversation was, he did manage to miss a few things:

Them: “Were you surprised?”
Me: “No, I was horribly disappointed they didn’t find a forth.”

Of course I was surprised!  I’ve decided they really just want to hear the story of how I found out.  I think I should come up with a crazy, shocking story for them.  Any suggestions?

Them: “Did you have a C-Section?”
Me: “Yes, and I have pictures.  Wanna see?”

Why do people ask this one?  Morbid curiosity maybe?  Does it make a difference if I pushed them out one by one or if a doctor gutted me and pulled them out?

Them: “Do triplets run in your family?”
Me: “Hell yea – run, walk, climb things, wrestle, generally wreak havoc.”

I’ve decided people ask this for one of two reasons:

  1. To gauge my fertility history.  This question is then followed up by questions that cross into overly personal territory and question how “natural” my children are.
  2. To assess THEIR risk of multiples.  Honestly, this one is just plain funny.  I usually get a complete run down of their family history:  “My second cousin on my step-father’s side had twins.  Now it’s my turn.” The funniest time this happened was with a Nursing Assistant working with my Grandma.  She was newly pregnant with her third child.  I don’t remember which family member had twins, but it was “her turn.”  “Guess we’ll see next week.  Now I’m worried.  I hope there’s only one in there.”  Apparently my presence alone increased her chances of multiples.

Over the last three years I’ve become better at avoiding conversations like these (don’t make eye contact) – but they still catch my off guard when I can’t avoid them.

Filer people – learn to filter!


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It’s really amazing the things kids pick up on.  Several weeks ago as we were leaving Springfield, the kids and I stopped at the bowling alley to say good-bye to Shane.  Andy looked around and gleefully announced “Bowling Mommy, like Caillou.  I bowl, Mommy!”  We had just watched an episode of Caillou where his Grandpa took him bowling and apparently it made an impression.  The other two picked up on it too and they all begged to go bowling.  For weeks they begged!

Last weekend, while we were in Springfield for my sister’s wedding, Shane arranged for the kids to bowl a few games.  When you mention to a group of ladies that an adorable set of toddler triplets would like to go bowling, they go out of their way to make it happen.  When we got there, a lane had already been set-up with a dinosaur ramp and two 7-lbs balls.

Andy and Cassie Bowling 600x546 Strike!

They picked up on it so quickly and had such a good time.  We weren’t sure how long their attention would last or how well they would take turns, but they did amazing!  Except for a few hiccups were I messed up the bowling order, each kid got to roll their two balls.  Ben even managed to get a Strike!

Ben Gets a Strike 600x546 Strike!

I should probably take this opportunity to explain who Shane it.  He and I have known each other for years, like pre-triplet years.  He and I have talked off and on through out this time, but nothing ever really developed between us – until the end of last year.  He and I have been officially dating since just after Christmas!  He is a really amazing guy and does great with the kids.

Shane with Kids 600x546 Strike!

So how well did they bowl?

Bowling Scores 02 28 14 600x312 Strike!

An average of 86 is better than mine!

A #DisneySide Play Date

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I’ve been turning down blogging gigs lately because, for some reason, I’ve lost my blogging mojo.  However, when I got an offer from Disney to host a #DisneySide Home Celebration and they’d send us a box of goodies for the party – I jumped on it! (Who doesn’t love Disney??)

DisneySide PlayDate 600x600 A #DisneySide Play Date

Since I just threw a big party for the kids’ birthday, I decided to just have a fun play date with some of our friends from the local Twin group (and my best friend and her two non-twin kids, of course).

I think they were expecting a simple play date, but when they saw the fun decorations Disney sent us, they knew this was no ordinary play date. You’d think with having three three-year-olds I’d have a pretty good idea how to entertain a group of 2 to 4 year olds – but I drew a blank. I had to scourer Pinterest for some ideas!!!

Follow Sarah Brandt’s board #DisneySide on Pinterest.

We started with a little coloring and balloon toss as everyone arrived.

Balloon Toss and Coloring 600x600 A #DisneySide Play Date

Then we moved on to a rousing game of Bucket Toss. Such a simple idea, but the kids LOVED it. I found three buckets in the Easter section at Michael’s and dug out some wiffle golf balls I got in the Target Dollar Spot a while back. I lined up the buckets, then lined up the kids and showed them how to toss the ball into each bucket one my one. I lost track of how many rounds we played.Pluto Toss 400x600 A #DisneySide Play Date

I had a couple more games planned, but someone spotted the cupcakes and decided it was time for a snack. I ran out of time to ice and decorate the cupcakes, so decided to let the kids decorate them themselves. Another BIG hit!! The large jar of sprinkles I bought for the party was gone by the time everyone left!

Decorate Your Own Cupcake 600x600 A #DisneySide Play Date

Oh, the best part about the playdate – NAPTIME!!! Between all the fun we had and the sugar high from the cupcakes, the kids sugar crashed – and crashed hard!!

I wish I had more pictures to show you, but I had such a good time hosting I forgot to pick up the camera!

This post was sponsored by Disney Side @Home Celebration!

The Banana Bread Incident

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Baking with toddlers is always fun, but requires a lot of patience!  Ben is my usual helper and always wants to “crack eggs”.  If he can reach the egg carton in the fridge before we catch him, he’ll crack eggs with or without us!

The Banana Bread Incident 600x450 The Banana Bread Incident

I was playing with my Christmas present… a Kitchen Aide Pro 600 – Woo Hoo!  We had an overabundance of very ripe bananas so I was planning a double batch of Banana Bread.  Ben and I started and washed our hands but were soon joined by the rest of the trio.  So we stopped and washed two more sets of hands.  We got everyone settled.  One kid on a chair by me and a kid on the counter to either side of me and the mixer.  Not an ideal cooking arrangement but it works.  We laid the ingredients out.  My recipe calls for 4 ripe bananas, 2 cups of flour and 2 eggs (among other things).  First we peeled the bananas and counted each one as we dropped it in.  None of the kids liked the junk on their hands, so we stopped and cleaned hands again at that point.  I continued peeling the bananas and put them in the mixing bowl myself but I wasn’t quite sure we had the count right – oh well, can’t have too many bananas.  I added the other wet ingredients… we went over to the dining table to crack the eggs for better access.  We ended up cracking 6 eggs instead of 4 because of the waste after I picked out all the shell!  Ben is pretty good by now but Andy and Cassie are still doing the “fist clench” method.  We had to wipe off hands after every egg since they hate the feel of egg on their hands too.

Back to the mixer… we get settled again and turn the mixer on for the wet ingredients.  Each kid gets to lean close to watch but I hold the hands of the watcher.  Never trust a 3 year old around moving equipment – especially Cassie – she has no fear!

Now we start counting cups of flour and other dry ingredients into a different bowl.  We count four cups together in chorus… “one, two, three, four”.  I turn away realizing that the salt wasn’t close and I hear behind me…”five, six”.  NO, STOP!  Cassie had taken it on herself to continue scooping out the cups of flour.  Hmm, throw out the dry or triple the recipe?  Since the sugar, baking powder and soda were already in the bowl, I couldn’t just remeasure the flour and start over.  My old mixer couldn’t handle a triple batch…could my new super professional mixer?  Hmm…Let’s give it a try!  I adjust the other dry ingredients and we troupe back over to the table to crack more eggs.  That took another 3 eggs because I was fishing out shell again and had to make sure each kid had an egg to crack.  Luckily, I had a stash of more bananas.  When bananas start to get overripe we stick them in the freezer.  They look horrible but work the same as the others.  That way I usually have bananas when I want to bake.

After another round of mixing, I get the kids down and shoo them away.  I can’t leave them on the counter by the mixer to pour the batter.  It’s too close to the oven to preheat with them where they are.  Again, never trust them!  I only had two bread pans out since I hadn’t intended to triple the recipe.  Four heads ended up poking into cabinets looking for another bread pan.  I couldn’t find one even though I have at least half a dozen.  Maybe because I couldn’t see in the cabinet due to the blocked light!  I did find a mini muffin tin and one of my mini-bread pans.  Then we go back to the table with our pans, pam and batter.  Everyone gets to help pour (and make a mess).  We have another messy hand crisis because of the batter on hands. (weird kids)

Fun’s over… I won’t let the kids near the oven.  During the baking they kept wanting me to open the oven to check the bread because I had allowed it one time!  The bread and muffins came out like a dream.  After they cooled, I gave each kid a muffin.  Ben spit his out, Andy took a small bite and handed it back, Cassie ate most of hers.  The rest of us gobbled warm bread and it was wonderful.  I really don’t understand these kids!  You’d think they’d love something they worked so hard to cook!

Lesson learned!  I don’t think I’m going to have the patience or stamina to cook with the trio again anytime soon!

- Grandma Laura