How Go, Go Diego Ruined Our Zoo Trip

The trio currently has an obsession with Go, Go, Diego. We’ve seen every episode on Amazon Prime more times than I can count.  They can name EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL Diego has EVER rescued.  They know what they look like, what they sound like, what they eat, and what they’re afraid of (aka, what eats them).

It’s a little scary!

Since the kids were off school for Good Friday, I thought it would be fun to take them to the zoo.  Given their new found love of animals and my love of zoos in general, what better time to go?

Go Go Diego Ruined Our Trip to the Zoo

Per usual, as we were walking up to the gate, I asked what animals they would like to see.  This gives me an idea as to which direction we need to head.  Kangaroos, Tigers and Camels to the left, Africa to the right.

The trip went something like this:

Me: “So, what animals do you want to see today?”
Trio: “Tapirs!”
Me: “Um, ok.  Not sure we have any of those.  How about Tamarins?”
Trio: “Yeah!  Cotton-top Tamarins!!!”
Me: “How about Golden Lion Tamarins?  They don’t have Cotton-top Tamarins.”
Trio: “Nooooo, Cotton Top Tamarins!!!!”
Me: “Anything else you’d like to see?”
Trio: “Baby Jaguar!”
Me: “Um, ok. How about Mommy Jaguar? I think Baby Jaguar is on a mission with Diego” {We don’t actually have a Jaguar – but a Leopard is close enough – right?}
Me: “Anything else?”
Ben: “Hippo! He’s my buddy!”
Me: “Alrighty. Let’s Go!”

The (not Cotton-top) Tamarins are in the Tropics exhibit and on our way to the other requested animals, so we stop there first.

Golden Lion Tamarins

Me: “See kids – Tamarins!”
Trio: “Those not Cotton-top Tamarins” {totally unimpressed!}
Me: “I know, they’re Golden Lion Tamarins.  Just like the Cotton-top, only orange.  How neat!”
Trio “Nooo…where Cotton-top Tamarins?” 
Me: {Damn Diego and his Cotton-Top Tamarins} “They don’t have Cotton-top Tamarins, but let’s see what else they have!”

Thankfully, the Gibbons were next.  I don’t know if Diego has every worked with Gibbons (you’d have to ask the trio), but one came right up to the window and made friends with Ben.

My Buddy the Gibbon

Ben: “Look, he my buddy!”

After peeling Ben away from his new “buddy” the trio quickly went through the rest of the exhibit begging to see the Tapirs.  {BTW, Kansas City doesn’t have any Tapirs!}

Me: “Ok, on to the Hippos.”

The Hippos are at the very back of the African area and there are a lot of other animals between here and there.

Elephants –

Trio: “Those are big Mommy!”
Andy: “1-2-3-4-5.  Five elephants, Mommy!”
Me: “Wow, that’s a lot of elephants!”
Trio: “Where’s Baby Jaguar?”
Me: “I don’t know. Let’s keep looking!”

Lions –

Trio: “Where’s Baby Jaguar?”
Me: “I don’t know. Let’s keep looking.”

 Leopard –

Trio: “Look Mommy Jaguar! Where’s Baby Jaguar?”
Me: “He’s on a mission with Diego.”
Trio: “What mission?”
Me: “I’m not sure. What do you think?”
Trio: “Let’s find Diego!”
Me: “Ok, let’s keep looking.”

Lets Keep Looking

Rhino and Giraffe –

Trio: “Where Diego?”
Me: {Grrrr} “I don’t know. Let’s keep looking.”

Crocodile –

Trio: “Look, crocodiles.  Like at Crocodile Lake!”
They were actually impressed with the Crocodiles.  We stayed for quite a while!
Trio: “Where Diego?”
Me: {deep sigh} “I don’t know. Let’s keep looking.”

Hippos –

Ben: “Look, my buddy!”
Trio: “Where Diego?”
Me: {are you freaking kidding me?} “I don’t know.  Let’s keep looking.”


We blew through the wild dogs, baboons and a few other animals and headed straight for the tram, then back to the front, quick stop at the Polar Bear and headed home – defeated!

So here’s what I learned:

  1. Diego needs to work with a few of the more common exotic animals – like the ones at our zoo.
  2. The Kansas City Zoo needs to expand their Central and South American animal selection.
  3. We need a trip to the Omaha Zoo – STAT!  They have Tapirs, Jaguars and Cotton-top Tamarins!


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