No One Can Pick On My Brother But Me

Spring is starting to roll into our area, so the kids and I have been taking advantage of beautiful weather days by visiting the playground.

SwingingThese first visits of the season are some of my favorite.  Not only does it feel great to get out of the house after the long winter – I LOVE seeing how much they’ve grown over the winter.  Thing they struggled with last year are now easily done.

This year they are also interacting with each other in a whole new ways.  For example:

I looked across the playground and noticed a little girl, about the same age as my three, giving Ben a very stern lecture.  I’m not sure what he did to offend her, but given the look on her face, it must have been pretty bad.  Poor Ben was corwarding away from her, with his tail stuck between his legs, obviously remorseful.

Before I could intervene, Cassie ran up to the little girl with a face just as stern as hers and started telling her, “No, No.  Mean.  My boy!”  While the little girl limped off, licking her wounds, Cassie turned to Ben and gave him a big hug, patting him on the back “It’s OK Ben.  I here”


I was so proud of my little girl, sticking up for her brother like that.  Maybe this whole sibling rivalry thing won’t be so bad.  But then, wait, not 15  minutes before Cassie pushed Ben to the ground for taking “her” toy.

At least I have one positive sibling memory to hold on too.


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    Cute! My sister and brother were very close in age and they were the same way, “No one can pick on my brother but me!” My sister was a little older so she did more of the picking on him than he did on her, but she was definitely protective too. They are looking so grown up, now! Loved your post about the guy you’re seeing, too. :-) Glad you found someone you enjoy talking and spending time with.
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    I remember the first time my soft spoken, firstborn defended his little brother. I was amazed, proud and (a little) embarrassed at the same time. As an only child, this is exactly what I wished would happen but there’s nothing like seeing it for the first time! Your kids are awesome! Here’s to many more play days outside (goodbye, winter!)

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