It’s really amazing the things kids pick up on.  Several weeks ago as we were leaving Springfield, the kids and I stopped at the bowling alley to say good-bye to Shane.  Andy looked around and gleefully announced “Bowling Mommy, like Caillou.  I bowl, Mommy!”  We had just watched an episode of Caillou where his Grandpa took him bowling and apparently it made an impression.  The other two picked up on it too and they all begged to go bowling.  For weeks they begged!

Last weekend, while we were in Springfield for my sister’s wedding, Shane arranged for the kids to bowl a few games.  When you mention to a group of ladies that an adorable set of toddler triplets would like to go bowling, they go out of their way to make it happen.  When we got there, a lane had already been set-up with a dinosaur ramp and two 7-lbs balls.

Andy and Cassie Bowling

They picked up on it so quickly and had such a good time.  We weren’t sure how long their attention would last or how well they would take turns, but they did amazing!  Except for a few hiccups were I messed up the bowling order, each kid got to roll their two balls.  Ben even managed to get a Strike!

Ben Gets a Strike

I should probably take this opportunity to explain who Shane it.  He and I have known each other for years, like pre-triplet years.  He and I have talked off and on through out this time, but nothing ever really developed between us – until the end of last year.  He and I have been officially dating since just after Christmas!  He is a really amazing guy and does great with the kids.

Shane with Kids

So how well did they bowl?

Bowling Scores 02-28-14

An average of 86 is better than mine!


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