Summer Bucket List 2014

It’s that time of year again – Summer Bucket List 2014!  You thought I forgot, didn’t you?  Truth be told, I almost did.  It wasn’t until the other night when Andy discovered lighting bugs in our back yard that I remembered.  (Catching lighting bugs was one of the things we missed last year.)

The Summer Bucket List Challenge couldn’t come at a better time.  I’ve let the daily grind get the better of me and we need a big bolus of fun – STAT.  The best part about this year’s list – the kids actually helped me make it.  I still had to throw out some ideas, but they really surprised me their suggestions.  (Ben: “Ummm, how about swimming?”)

So, what’s on our list??

Summer Bucket List 2014

Some of these are repeats because they were so much fun the first time.  Some have appeared on the list several times and still remain undone (e.g. Go to the Omaha Zoo).  And some are going to be more of a challenge than others.  (Build a snowman? Really Laura, that’s what you had to offer?)  But on thing’s for sure, between now and the end of September, we should have a LOT of fun!

What on your Summer Bucket List?


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    You could build a sand snowman at the beach (or sandbox). I did that last year and used the photo for my holiday cards. Me and my boys make Fun Lists for each season. It’s a fun afternoon making them and a good reminder of things we could be doing when we’re not sure what we could do for fun. Catch lightening bugs has been on our list 2 summers now but haven’t seen any yet. We do have eating ice cream on the list a few times!

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